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Stella Talpo shares her love experiences on "314" 

Rising London-based songstress Stella Talpo takes us back to the 90s in the video for her recently released single "314". The angelic singer with Italian roots displays a pitch-perfect, soul-stirring performance as she takes the listener down the proverbial rabbit hole of mixed emotions. Over the lush, guitar-driven instrumental by John Seyr, who also co-wrote the song, Talpo's passionate cry runs deep and hits the soul on every beat. Straying from the typical soul-laden, R&B style, Talpo injects a more experimental feeling into the song with her rich harmonies and abstract lyrics. 

As for the visual, she opts for a very DIY and retro feel which focuses on her emotive performance and offbeat style. No fancy or flashy elements here, just pure organic takes from start to finish. Hit the play button and get the audio on all digital platforms here.

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