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A$AP Ant's latest music video is in "Tyson's Corner"

"Tyson's Corner" is the first single from A$AP Ant's latest project Addie Calipari (The Trilogy), and the music video is newly released.

This track happens to be the intro to the project, an opener as Addie delivers refreshing quality trap music. The lyrics set the tone for motivation as he chants "Bricks today, let's get some bricks today!" This is a call to action consequently activating grind mode.

In the song, he talks about how he enjoys spending money to grind to get it right back. Ant's rap style is still rugged and rough however he sounds polished as he flows smoothly to SparkHeem production tailored to him.

The videographers Moshpit creatively animating certain clips of footage. The edits and colored lights match the energy of the bouncy drum pattern with narcotic-like melody. 

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