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Sachi drops catchy, upbeat new track "Rich Girls"


Sachi has a powerful voice that he previously showcased on his pop ballad, "I Miss You," and now on "Rich Girls."

"Rich Girls" is just his third single out, but shows that he is to be taken seriously. It's structured entirely different than his two other singles; it's an irresistible pop track that is to be played loud and not over-analyzed. The Philadelphia singer crafts a special sound over a heavy drum; the song's catchiness comes from the repetitive nature and brilliant simplicity of the chorus. Sachi stretches out the last line of the hook in a way that will have the replay button undoubtedly being smashed. The song, produced by Roy Lenzo, is about wanting a girl who works hard and isn't freely given everything. 

He is just three songs in and Sachi's artistry is already starting to be put on full display. Check out "Rich Girls" up above. 

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