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Adam Beyer unveils techno remix of Monolink's "Black Day"

With ARTBAT's remix of Monolink's "Return to Oz" becoming an incredible chart-topping hit, it's no wonder the German DJ, singer-songwriter and producer has continued down the route of creating club compatible reworks. This time around, techno legend Adam Beyer has stepped up to the table, reworking Monolink's "Black Day" into a seething techno whirlwind of darkness and fantasy.

Exuding Beyer signatures, the "Black Day" remix is an undulating cut. Laden with sensuality and rhythmic darkness, butter-soaked beats lead the way for a powerful anthem of bass and snaking synths, whilst Monolink's original emotionality is still the centrepiece of the track. The new edit careens the vocals close to a progressive soundscape whilst remaining true to languid origins. "Black Day" reminds us about the talents of both producers and is without a doubt, a beautiful addition to the burgeoning techno landscape.

Buy/stream "Black Day - Adam Beyer Remix" here.

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