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FUKC share their funkadelic single "DRUM'N'BABY"

Electro-pop British-French duo FUKC (ef-yu-kay-si) continue their release of strong, beat-driven singles with the release of "DRUM'N'BABY". The pair correlate funky bass lines with slick beats to produce elegant, glitchy electronica. 

Starting with almost tribal sounding beats before the introduction of a smooth, funky bass line, "DRUM'N'BABY" effortlessly caresses the soul. Dipping into adrenaline-inducing beats and swirling  melodies, FUKC are forever capable of producing synthetic-styled tunes.  Taken from their Je Suis Meh EP, which includes previous singles "I Wanna Be A Nobody", "Ride" and "Not My History", "DRUM'N'BABY" is an infectious tune. Welcome to the eclectic world of FUKC.

"This EP is a record of our first year experimenting with our sound, mixing up our different musical backgrounds of electronic and rock music to meet at a pop vibe," explain the duo. "We wanted it to feel honest; kinda like you're in the same room as us. Lyrically, if there is an over-riding theme it's apathy - struggling to care but knowing you should. Hence the title of the EP. It's easy to be passionate about social injustice or politics or whatever- if you can see progress. But right now it can feel like the world's going backwards. I guess people think progress is always forwards but it can go back, up, down sideways. We gotta care though; it's all we got..."

Continuing to blur the boundaries of genres, FUKC are a unique twosome pushing sonic limits and successfully creating something new.

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