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Tyga pays tribute to Lil Wayne with his new visual to "Lightskin Lil Wayne"

This week, the iconic L.A rapper Tyga made a very bold statement in his latest music video titled “Lightskin Lil Wayne”.

The visual for “Lightskin Lil Wayne”  kicks off exactly mirroring Lil Wayne’s music video for his popular song “A Milli” with Tyga as Lil Wayne. The details throughout the video are nearly spot on directly mirroring some of Wayne’s most iconic music videos ranging from “A Milli” to “Lollipop”.  From wearing the white tank tops to having a lollipop in his hand surrounded by beautiful women, Tyga hit the nail on the head with many of the small details in this tribute to Weezy. And we can’t forget the fire bars that Tyga laid down on this track, making sure that listeners were aware of all of his success in the rap industry. 

[Verse 1]

My diamonds shining, we ain't pay the same 

Got a Jay-Z watch, it changed the game 

Yeah, big dawg status, get it appraised 

Told that bitch these ain't braids, she gon' fuck for the fame 

I'm the cane cane sugar mane, ice in the ring

I'ma bang bang, let it bang, bust it on your face 

Tyga met Lil Wayne back in 2008 at the Video Music Awards and has had a long-standing relationship with the rap legend ever since. His first collaboration with Lil Wayne was on the popular track “Bedrock” that also featured now hip hop veterans Drake and Nicki Minaj. Now in 2019, Tyga has gained himself an impressive track record considering he has racked up multiple hits nearly every year for the past decade. “Rack City”, “Faded”, ”Hookah”, “Taste” and “Dip” are just a few of the Tyga’s hit songs that have made it onto the hip hop music charts. His newest collaboration with Mustard, Jon Z, and YG on the 2019 summer anthem “Go Loko” has now accumulated over 58 million views on YouTube. With such an impressive resume, Tyga may just be the lightskin Lil Wayne. 

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