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Jay Whiss reflects on his life with "How It Goes"

Toronto is home to the 2019 NBA Champions, some of the most renowned restaurants in the world, and is teeming with musical talent. Unfortunately, violence in the city has also garnered a bit of a reputation. As much as we'd like to believe we will never be effected by the actions of some, the reality is, all it takes sometimes is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just a year ago, Jay Whiss felt this pain when he lost a close friend, Smoke Dawg, as well as his assistant manager, Kosi Prime during Canada Day festivities. Jay dedicated a short but raw EP to these losses shortly after this time, Dark Cloud.

"How It Goes" is the latest song from the EP to receive visual treatment, and showcases not only Jay's lyrical depth, but also the depth of his losses.

The video is shot with a grey filter, shadowing the young rapper's thoughts. While thoughts of bravado are sprinkled throughout the lyrics, the song always circles back to Jay's inability to change the event's of his life. The loss seems to have also sparked a newfound hunger from Jay Whiss, making brash statements like, "I'mma sign that deal with five chains around my neck." By marrying his grief to his drive, "How It Goes" cuts deeper than it has any right to.

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