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Holdan examines how others view him in "Bright Red"

Holdan unveils his raw, complex alt-pop sound with his latest single "Bright Red".  The track highlights passionate vocals atop organically soaring soundscapes and striking synths. Thematically the song is narration treading that thin line between caring less how you're perceived and requiring the approval of others.

"I would go to all of these house parties and I would be the one in the middle of everyone dancing just jumping screaming and losing my shit, and you either loved that or you hated it," Holdan reveals. "It reminds me of my whole past because I've been loud and insane my whole life and everyone's kind of looked down on me or thought I was weird because of it. I try to not worry about it but I go back and forth between not giving a fuck what they think, but also to only focusing on what they think of me. So the song is just kind of depicting the mental battle I struggle with throughout every day."

A punk rock kid whose music is sophisticated yet raw and also heartfelt, Holdan's artistry knows no bounds yet has a clear singular vision. The Florida native left for Los Angeles at age 15 and drummed for many up incoming punk bands. Eventually, his yearning to be heard lead him to go it alone. Garnering attention from multi-platinum-selling and Grammy-winning producer Josh 'Igloo' Monroy (Ludacris, JoJo, Elton John, Justin Bieber), Holdan was able to hone in on his craft and take a deep adventure into sound and self-discovery.

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