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Clear Mortifee invites listeners to fulfil the "Prophecy of the Morning Dew"

On "Prophecy of the Morning Dew", Clear Mortifee rejuvenates listeners' spirits with a transparent message of self-discovery. It's an oath Clear asks their listeners to take—a promise to not go against nature but to flow with it. To be free. To be true to oneself.  It captures Clear's experience of breaking free from the confines of their environment—and those in it—as they drift into their real self and into an atmosphere that knows no limits. 

"Prophecy of the Morning Dew" is a jazzy ditty that fuses futuristic and organic elements to create an aura that is at once earthy and otherworldly. It watches Clear escape into an enlightening reverie filled with the incense of fresh melodies. Clear breathes life into a barren forest, turning its dry woods into a thriving ecosystem filled with luscious greenery. Clear's crystallized vocals float on top of shimmering synths and deep bass to challenge how we look at the world and ourselves.

Clear elaborates on the story behind the track, detailing, "This song is about rediscovering my innately calm essence in the quiet hum of nature...I grew up in gardens and forests, and as a kid, I had very real relationships with fairies, gnomes, angels and unicorns. Coming back to nature always has many layers of soothing energy for me." Clear teaches us that embracing one's whole self is a prerequisite to being in balance with nature, and thus fulfill the "Prophecy of the Morning Dew".

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Alternative R&B · Ambient R&B · Hazy


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