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Joey BASE goes back to the start on "NACMA Intro"

UK rapper Joey BASE's newest release "NACMA Intro" takes us back to the genesis and displays BASE's strength as a vivid storyteller. The record, which serves as the opening song to his upcoming EP, also comes with a short, movie-like visual.

Backed by J Rocs' ominous production, Joey BASE displays a myriad of emotions ranging from anger to sadness and pain. He strays from the conventional song arrangement, allowing him to really take the listener down a timeline of events in his life. He doesn't try to sugarcoat anything as he delivers with raw passion and vivid lyrics to match. The accompanying visual was filmed by Chas Appeti in South London, Deptford where Joey grew up. Shot in black & white, the visual truly accentuates the dark atmosphere of the song and ends with an emotion-laden shot of J Roc as he wraps up the song with a solemn performance.

"NACMA Intro" is taken from Joey BASE's upcoming EP NACMA (Nutten Aint Caught My Attention). The music video is the first of many mini-movies Joey will be dropping in support of the NACMA project.

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