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Argia entices us to 'Stay The Night' in emotive compositions

There is an undeniable force in the dance music industry—one that seems keen on hooking listeners in with the deepest of drops and the loudest of blaring sirens. However, dance music is not limited in its offering, and for ArgiaStay The Night grabs the reign by providing a solace of minimal buzz, giving listeners a refreshingly lucid and captivating soundscape to bask in. 

Conceived and recorded at the end of 2018, the EP was brought about in an intense creative period for the artist. "Stay The Night is my most personal EP to date," Argia shares. "Finding inner balance and emotional growth are main inspirations behind all of these tracks which seamlessly follow each other to create a powerful and captivating sound. As life itself winds and unwinds to show its many layers, so does Stay The Night." To convey her findings, each track is carefully crafted to exude poise and modulated sophistication, letting medleys of teasing sounds dance an emotional tango.

"It's Right To Cry" revels in deep and wiry arpeggios, an emotional slice of dance music that winds around listeners' hearts with is thick, infectious beat. Encompassing a careful sensuality, the namesake "Stay The Night" is a shade tougher than its prefacing track, gathering hold with dramatic chord progressions and evocative field recordings to punctuate its confident rhythm. Finally, Argia rounds off Stay The Night with "Unreleased Thought." Far from a lullaby, the producer wraps up the loose ends with urgent percussive grooves, flourishing the melodic track with ease and beautiful maturity. 

Argia is the newest project of Helena Piti, a Spanish DJ and producer who crossed over from a classic musical education. She has released on the likes of Stil Vor Talent, Mooseekaa and Poesie Musik.

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Ambient House · Minimal · Tech House · Tribal


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