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KAYTA says "TY" to the fake friends and finds love within herself [Video]

There is an undeniable force moving through the entertainment industry in the past couple of years. Supported by big and small names, and given many different faces, it's been the perfect antidote to the rising toxicity we face in our every-day life. It's called self-care, and Montreal's newest offering, KAYTA, is deciding to embrace it in her latest single, "TY", whose official video premieres here today.  

“In the past few years, my circle of friends has significantly gotten smaller. I was the type of person who got close with people really fast and, all of a sudden, got a reality check," KAYTA explains. "The song ‘TY’ (for Thank You) is about cutting off friends, family members or just people who are no longer good for you." Exuding poise and patience, the song's slow percussive beat and teasing chords fall back to let KAYTA tell her story. The production then quickly fills out in the chorus with climactic synths, lending textured support to the empowering hook- and burrowing into our brains. 

KAYTA's story is not unlike many of our own. Of a Chilean and Slovakian upbringing, her diverse experiences and exposure to two musical opposites was all the fodder she needed to embark on her own musical journey. "I think that Latin and Slovak music influenced me to have a different approach on harmonies, melodies and rhythmic flows. When you listen to Slavic folklore, the singing is mostly screamed and raw because they were in the mountains. I think it influenced the organic tone of my voice but at the same time, my tone is warmer because I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. As well, I’m 99.9% certain that the way I process rhythms is because of my Latino background. "

There are a lot of descriptive titles that come to mind when listening to this Montreal native's songs, and that is the true power of her music-the ability to flow in and out of your mind with ease. When revealing her plans for this year, KAYTA shares only the following:  "Here are keywords that can describe my next project: Optimistic, nostalgic, royal, refreshing, laid-back and bedroom." 

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