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LIZ LOKRE proves that the journey is just as important as the destination on “Wait On Me” [Video]

LIZ LOKRE takes fans on a trip to the isolated shores of a Malibu beach in her latest video for “Wait On Me”. Opening up with the sonorous beckoning of bass drums, “Wait On Me”’s echoes can be heard from far and wide. LIZ is preparing herself for a thunderous storm, but this time, she’s riding the waves solo. 

Hair blowing in the wind, sand between her toes, LIZ faces the vulnerability and silence required for personal growth with each step. Asking for space as she endures the storm, LIZ walks away from the familiar, but she’s careful to leave her footsteps in the sand. Though she’s withdrawing from the noises of the outside world, LIZ is not abandoning those she loves; she’s leaving a path for them to follow. Drawing a fine line in the sand between self-care and selfishness, LIZ makes a clear differentiation of the two; reminding listeners that needing space is, in fact, selfless, not selfish. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, LIZ shares with EARMILK: “My nature is to overthink and withdraw sometimes, that’s the Aquarius in me. I never want to hurt anyone in my process, so this song is about asking for patience and understanding while I put myself first. Maybe it’s selfish to ask someone to wait, but some storms need to be faced alone and I’d rather build a love that endures difficult days than one that survives by ignoring they even exist.” A personal oath to independence, “Wait On Me” also holds a special place for LIZ for another reason: it brings her closer to her roots. “I love that this track touches on my heritage, I’m introducing that cultural element in this song which feels momentous. The Indian vocal and percussion samples along with the imagery in the video are an ode to my late grandmother. In the past year I’ve been deeply empowered by the example of fierce femininity that my grandma set in her day as an Indian dancer,” she explains.

Draped in the mesmerizing magic of her grandmother’s inspiration, LIZ sets an example of finding strength in solitude. “Wait On Me” is a reminder that time alone doesn’t mean severing ties, in fact, sometimes space and patience are all that’s needed to strengthen them.

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Cover photo by Aja Hitomi 



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