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Livingmore's "Sleepy Boy" is anthem celebrating their youth

Indie rock band Livingmore marches to the beat of their own drum. Releasing the video for their single "Sleepy Boy", they encourage the philosophy of staying true to yourself. The track features grungy guitars, deep pounding drums and intense fiery vocals reminiscent of Yeah Yeah Yeahs

With band members raised in the San Fernando Valley, the video displays a simpler time, depicting the slow pace of your formative teenage years, smoking weed and eating McDonalds.

Band member Spencer Livingston reveals, "For a naive kid living in the quiet suburbs of the San Fernando Valley there was an illusion that life is simple and pure, but you soon realize that it is much more complicated than you had ever expected and at the same time you know there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. You're figuring out who you are in this little bubble that might feel calm but also can be mundane". 

Fusing a mix of happy and sad themes, they express their many profound emotions through their personalized songs, drawing inspiration from life experiences. Their thought-provoking music allows listeners to ponder questions instead of having all the answers. Characterizing themselves as the underdog, their hope is that they can be a voice for anyone who's felt like an outcast.

Livingmore began with songwriters Alex Moore and Spencer Livingston and then expanded to Mike Schadel on drums and Rodrigo Moreno on bass. Bonding over their strong sense of humor, they found that laughter is equally as healing as creating music. The band has graced stages across the country and recorded with Grammy award winning engineer Tom Weir. Watch "Sleepy Boy" now and remember the simple pleasures of your younger years.

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