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Jules interrogates love with new progressive heartbreaking song, "r u rly sorry"

Hailing from the Bay Area, singer/songwriter Jules has developed a cult-like following throughout the region with emotionally-charged young adult content and astonishing early success beginning a musical career at age 8. Continuing to supply fans with the relatable subject matter and inviting in her personal life, Jules unveils her heartbreaking new single titled "r u rly sorry."

Following the dramatic end of a relationship, the 21-year-old act has more questions than answers for exes as she seeks out whether the love was ever genuine in the first place. Over a mellow, lush soundscape she probes certain events in time, wondering why the other would mistreat their supposed "lover", and more. 

"I came up with the idea back at home (Los Gatos)," Jules explains. "I was putting away dishes and 'r u rly sorry?' popped into my head. I didn’t think much about it and brought it to David Bone (one of the producers on the record) and he loved it. I didn’t know how the melody would go so I just hopped on the mic and tried to sing the hook a million different ways (which I never do. I never jump on a mic unless I know what I’m singing). I left the studio not sure what we made but when I woke up and listened to the bounce the next morning I was like “this is so me.”

Jules is a phenomenal vocalist with a very promising future with her signature mid-tempo pop dance sound blended with a traditional acoustic background. Jules' vocal range and versatility have created limitless possibilities as a singer. The new single is slated to appear on Jules' upcoming EP, currently untitled. The project will be direct follow up to her 2015 effort Stories Never Told. The project is currently in the works with famed producers David Bone, Camron Wroblewski, and Miguel Soltero, and will be released late 2019 via AWAL.
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