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BxRod is back with an "On Dope" track produced by ISMA [Video]

BxRod has made a welcoming comeback since the release of her 2017 debut EP by teaming up with French producer ISMA on the flaming hot track, "On Dope".  Its fitting visuals, directed by Jon Psycho, embody all the heat, swagger, and artistic flair this Bay-area native has to offer. 

"On Dope" has two stories to tell. The production, which takes on an Arabian persuasion, is a manifestation of ISMA's own state of mind. Pulled from his latest EP, Health, it marks a deeply emotional time in his life; a feeling he wished to embody in his newest project. "The most difficult [part] was to keep it sweet, a way to not produce so much, and to not fall into the pathos, to keep the emotion vivid and sensitive for each track," he explains. "That's why I decided to include voices for the project." 

Enter BxRod. "When I heard ISMA's production, it was a very cinematic experience. I am very inspired by film scores, and his work has the same essence - I knew instantly how to write to his style." And write she did. Her sultry vocals drip with hushed confidence, transforming every menacing chord and drum beat into a sweet and salty combo. The echoing chorus is a thrilling release of emotions, subtle yet impossibly satisfying. It's a gentle reminder of why we fell in love with BxRod in the first place, and an impressive new take from the French producer. Or perhaps better said, this track is- as advertised- on dope. 

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