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sobhhï serenades us with dreamy bedroom soul in "2019 freestyle" [Video]

When your friends tell you someone is smart and creative, most of the time they're just telling you the person knows how to solve a Rubix's Cube and have their own SoundCloud page where all the views of their stuff are from Facebook friends. Sobhhï is that "smart, creative friend" except he isn't some glorified lie. He graduated high school at 16 and began his PhD in applied mathematics at 21. As if conquering the academic world wasn't enough, sobhhï now takes aim at the creative world.

"2019 freestyle" comes at the heels of his newly-launched record label and luxury streetwear brand NUIT SANS FIN.

"2019 freestyle" flaunts sobhhï's hands-on talent across a number of mediums. He self-produces the song as well as the visuals to accompany; which lives by the old homage that if you want something done right, do it yourself. By having this kind of input across platforms, sobhhï is able the mold the narrative how he sees fit. The dark visuals match the dream-like vocals that haunt the corners of every guitar pluck.

The Dubai-based artist never takes his voice above a whisper, delivering each word as if it were a math equation. He even alludes to his mathematic prowess with the lines, "fuckin' up these commas like an empty set infimum / fuckin' up these commas like divide it by a zero." He floats through these verses without rest for chorus in a soothing fashion. His delivery feels like the lyrical equivalent of falling asleep on your arm—the words are there but they move in slow motion. The whole aesthetic of nocturnal trapsoul is nailed in every element of the song and video.

It's clear that with all his newest ventures, sobhhï is all in—and we should all be listening for what he's up to next.

Connect with sobhhï: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud

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