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Yoke Lore's 'Meditations' are a mellifluous blend of heart and soul

We are often told to keep moving forward, forget past experiences, and pave the way to future ones. When artists come out with new releases, it is often a direct reflection of their current state of mind, reliving recent memories and voicing current thoughts. Meditations, Adrian Galvin's (Yoke Lore) newest EP finds itself somewhere in between. Its six tracks are a harmonious mix of stripped old releases and freshly minted new ones. Featuring the past and the present in one tracklist, it's a testament to Galvin's growth, and perhaps even a glimpse into his future.

Meditations' two new tracks, "Chin Up" and "Safe and Sound" explore an emotional depth draped in philosophical musings and incredible maturity. Led by emotive instrumental arrangements and swelling melodies, they showcase Galvin's signature as an artist- the ability to balance light with dark. Invoking feelings of nostalgia and euphoria all at once, these are songs that will breathe life back into you, while taking it away with their romantic charm. 

The other four tracks are re-interpretations of previously released works, described vividly as "gutted", "bared", "unburdened" and "reduction". "Cut And Run (gutted)" is a still reimagining of the original found on his last EP, Absolutes. Whereas the 2018 version was doused in lush synths and a stirring bass, this gutted version finds a softer side with banjo led melodies and patient percussions. The rest of the EP falls in line with this stripping method, heavily leaning on banjo instrumentals and vocal centrepieces. The last track, "Beige (unburdened)", however, veers slightly off course. The 2017 original version boasted of an instrumental-heavy foundation, backed by lingering synths and echoing electronic effects. This new one replaces the banjo with a piano ballad, supported only by a gently strummed guitar and Galvin's magnetizing vocals. A captivating and powerful finish to an EP marked by loving memories and soulful performances. 

Meditations may not hold the new material fans were hoping for, but it still manages to promote originality and find new meaning in places left behind. It's a new frontier for Galvin, and one that we can only hope he continues exploring. 

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