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Yoke Lore is keeping his "Chin Up" in newest musical direction [Video]

Indie pop project Yoke Lore (Adrian Galvin) is embarking on a creative journey in 2019, trading in his usual electronic elements for more stripped-down instrumental arrangements. His forthcoming EP, Meditations, will feature several re-interpretations of previous songs, as well as two new tracks, including the emotive "Chin Up". 

Galvin tells a story of "fighting fire with love" with his newest single, expressing the "struggle of learning to tamper your reactivity and volatility. Learning to forgive at the drop of a hat." It is a euphoric piece that is disguised with melancholic guitar melodies and banjo strings. Galvin's ethereal vocals take command with a beautiful layering of harmonies, leading in the subtle horns in a theatrical chorus. The result is a joyous conjuring of emotions ranging from inspiring to nostalgic. 

Complementing the single is the music video shot in Alaska. Featuring bleak and sparse imagery, we follow Galvin through scenes of implied violence, lost treks, and emotional close-ups. When describing the video, he shares that it's "about a cycle of learning that we all go through. We go through times of being taken care of and times of being mistreated, and even if we end up back where we started, we gain something along the way." The darkness of the video works in harmonious juxtaposition with the song's more positive message, showing off Galvin's innate ability to intertwine lightness with darkness with his music. A long revered skill that hasn't run its course. 

The Meditations EP will be released on May 31st, and you can catch Yoke Lore on his debut headlining UK tour this summer:

June 15- London, UK- Bushstock
June 16- Leeds, UK- Headrow House
June 17- Manchester, UK-The Deaf Institute
June 18- London, UK- Camden Assembly

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