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Sutton Reily debuts a vibrant new electro-pop single "Petty"

Living in the city can be difficult - the flashing lights, fancy cars, and fast pace. Relationships start to falter, communication turns surface level, and the expectation to live up to societies lavish standards comes rushing down all at once. Well ok…that might be over dramatic, but at the very least we can agree that these areas undoubtedly contain competition and egos, which ultimately can lead to pettiness.

This is no secret to Los Angeles native Sutton Reily, who has spent the last couple of years observing the scene from a distance. A soft-spoken person, Reily often flew under the radar, while experiencing and witnessing these toxic kinds of relationships. Unable to express her feelings in conversation, Reily turned to music where there were no limits, and no one to tell her otherwise.

Therefore, on her debut single “Petty,” which was produced by Jimmie (Sophie Simmons producer) and co-written by Toronto’s own Jutes, Reily describes a relationship where she’s always wrong and where there is no reasoning. Lyrically she notes that she shouldn’t stay in these situations, and establishes that no one will run her over saying “since you’re being petty, I can be petty too.” The song is stapled with warm resonate pads, a moving bassline and vocal chops, which effectively help Sutton get her point across and allows for her powerful voice to glide with each note.

“When being petty make sure you’re not crushing someone’s heart because every move you make has a repercussion…and that’s likely me writing a song about you” - Sutton

While this is her first single, Sutton Reily expertly demonstrates her musicality and potential. Sources also tell us that she may even have an upcoming collaboration with none other than Brian Lee, who is known for his work with artists from Justin Beiber to Martin Garrix. So if this single has left you playing it on repeat, then be sure to keep an eye out for what's to come. 

Connect with Sutton Reily: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud 

Electronic · Pop · Premiere


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