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Modenine & Teck-Zilla chill out on 'Esoteric Mellow'

DJ and producer Teck-Zilla has provided next-level beats for many a Nigerian emcee. His latest collaboration may be the most epic yet: Esoteric Mellow, a laid-back 14-track project with legendary Nigerian spitter Modenine.

Right from the jump it's clear that Esoteric Mellow stays true to its namesake. Most of the tracks on this jawn are chilled out like the Coca-Cola polar bears, even when Modenine attacks with a more aggressive delivery.

This one is a Balrog wallop fest from front to back, but personal favorites include "Polymath," "Don't Move To Me," and "Super Human." (The latter features none other than renowned New York lyricist Canibus.) Overall, Modenine and Teck-Zilla prove to be a phenomenal duo, consistently rolling out instrumental-and-rhyme combos that mesh effortlessly.

Esoteric Mellow is now available for your purchase and/or streaming pleasure. It's the perfect way to "chill" before the summer heatwave.

Stream/Purchase Esoteric Mellow

Connect with Modenine: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Teck-Zilla: Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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