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Casual T builds anticipation for forthcoming EP with new single "Wanderlove?"

Capitalizing on his city-wide grip in the Live Music Capital of The World, Austin-based DJ/Producer Casual T is expanding his influence worldwide with his debut Lovers? EP. The 7-track effort comes to fruition via his third single “Wanderlove?”

In 2012, Travis Drews was attending a dance music festival that staged legendary acts by the likes of Nero, Afrojack, Dr. P, and other dubstep pioneers when his lungs collapsed from the gravity of the bass. What was supposed to be a beer soaked day of dancing and unity quickly turned into a life-threatening escapade. Fortunately, Drews, creatively known as Casual T went on to recover from this spine-chilling accident. Far more than a recovery, he found a calling in his crisis. A catastrophic event that would hinder most from returning to music, Drews conjured up his own silver lining by reclaiming electronic music as his own.

Casual T blends elements from a myriad of electronic subgenres that lean toward explosive, bass-heavy cadences while balancing moments of emotive dance music and hip-hop. A connoisseur of good vibes and even better times, Casual T boasts a charismatic energy both on stage and in the studio. Following that same outline, “Wanderlove?” is the third and final single to his Lovers? EP. Defined by long-winded, synth-heavy chords and a seductive vocal prowess this future bass cut is a haunting triumph. Glistening with grit, Casual T showcases his ability to juxtapose pop with melodies rooted in darkness. Cheeky whistling samples oscillate distinguished drum kicks to create an unapologetic rhythm. A new take on wanderlust, Casual T’s “Wanderlove?” is an intellectual manifesto keen to the reverence of travel.

“‘Wanderlove?’ is a re-imagination of the term wanderlust. Wanderlust implies a shallow, surface level yearning for the road. I wanted to express how I feel about travel and world exploration. Travel fills me up and recharges my soul. It’s something that’s wholesome and invigorating. Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures is truly something that I’ve fallen in love with. ‘Wanderlove?’ is my expression of that feeling.”

Casual T’s “Wanderlove?” is living proof that life’s trials and tribulations are diminished at the hands of creation and exploration. The Lovers? EP is due Friday, June 28. 

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