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LIFE announce new album with "Hollow Thing"

Hull, England-based four piece LIFE have already begun garnering attention throughout the industry with their raucous, razor-sharp rock. They're a band that are constantly being talked about and warned to keep an eye on.

Finally announcing their second album A Picture of Good Health, the band share their second single from the album in the form of the gritty "Hollow Thing". A guitar-heavy track, punctuated with bass riffs and underscored with drum thuds. If this is your first introduction to LIFE, then you've been missing out on this band for a while. 

"Hollow Thing is about tackling isolation and fixing yourself. It's about letting go of something in your life, something that's passed" says frontman Mez Green. "[The track] is littered with lyrics that reference something ending and then something beginning again. It's a twisted pick me up!"

Speaking about the upcoming album, out later this year, Green says "A Picture of Good Health is not a collage of work but rather a snapshot of time; our time and the time of those around us. It’s political, but in a personal way. It’s a body of work that explores and examines the band's inner-selves through a precise period; a period that has brought pain, loneliness, blood, guts, single parenthood, depression and the need for survival and love. It is the sense and need for belonging that is the resounding end note!"

A Picture of Good Health is out September 20th and is released via the band's own label Afghan Moon

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