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K.Flay leans on family in "Sister"

Ahead of her forthcoming album SOLUTIONS, Grammy-nominated pop artist K.Flay is releasing her latest single "Sister."

The bright pop track, with its vintage instrumentation, hits just as the weather warms up (hopefully for good). "Even when you're saying that you hate me, I know that the feeling isn't true," she says. It's a kind of camaraderie you can't exactly understand until you have a sister. But K.Flay and I feel the same way about family and siblings: those relationships are built. Even if you're an only child, you can have a sister. 

Of the track, K.Flay says: "When my mom married my second dad, I went from being an only child to having a brother and a sister. It felt warmer all of a sudden...I've come to understand that family is created. Family is a verb. It's something you build day by day, sometimes in the hot sun and sometimes when everything is going wrong."

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