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Ex-Royal Navy sailor Chris Linton returns to shore with new single "Fearless"

Chris Linton has spent much of his adult life so far on the seas. Now, he’s landed on shore with a full-time effort in music. The ex-Royal Navy sailor’s new single “Fearless” is a piano and acoustic guitar ballad that caught my attention immediately. With an emphasis on instrumentals and seemingly untouched, raw vocals - this folk endeavor points to the Plymouth native’s aspirations in a new genre.

Linton has a background in electronic with track collaborations with names such as Unknown Brain and Lost Sky. However, his instinct for conceiving indie-folk songs is undeniable when listening to “Fearless”. Linton’s voice alone is what convinced me he has found his genre. At times, it appears tender, almost fragile. Not wavering in its ability, but more so because of the emotion that is behind it. If his upcoming EP “New Light” has the depth that exists in “Fearless”, then it will be a strong contender for what launches his name in folk music. 

“New Light” EP is expected June 28th.

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