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Kordoroy Floyd feels “Free” in his new single

After a nearly six month break from the music scene, Kordoroy Floyd makes his return with “Free.” The new single is a repeat-worthy record that features fiery ad-libs, multiple wordplays, and a memorable hook that goes well with the beat by Zlender. It’s high-octane, has a nice bop to it, and Floyd’s reckless words will easily influence listeners to be the most outlandish version of themselves. 

Speaking on the record, he said: “This record is my Audio coffee! Wakes me up. It’s really about killing all the doubt and fear in my mind and reminding myself. I’m literally the best kept secret with this music, unapologetically African and I’ll never settle for clout over dollars. Ain’t shit Free!”

In 2018, he released his self-titled debut album, which featured notable tracks like “Outta Line" (featuring JAG), “Punch Drunk,” and “Calm Down.” Through his music, one can hear the hunger for success in his voice and the love for his art through his expression. Kordoroy Floyd is currently working on an upcoming EP titled Chasing Ghost, due for release later this year. 

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