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Smino's personality shines on "KLINK" [Video]

Fresh off his Hoopti tour, Smino is already back at work. "KLINK" is the latest song from NOIR to receive visual treatment and is filled with glitz, glamour, humour, and Remy Martin.


The song has the cognac connoisseur collaborating with long-time partner in crime and producer, Monte Booker—a combination that always produces something more entertaining than your uncle and a bottle of Old English. Anyone who had the chance to see the colourful fits and design of his latest tour understands that the creativity goes far beyond the music when it comes to Smino. The witty wordsmith stretches his voice like bubblegum to deliver the chorus while brandishing a flip phone covered in glistening diamonds. He then chews up the beat and spits out lines like, "New rugs, girl take them heels off / Said they Jimmy Choo (I said bless you) / Now take off ya shoes (I ain’t askin') / Then she let me pound, hash tagged it." The song shines with bright wordplay and loose rhymes only a fearless voice like Smino's could get away with.

The skill behind "KLINK" goes beyond the wordplay in this case, as Smino wrote and co-directed the visuals himself, marking yet another talent in the constantly growing skill set of the artist.

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