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Peggy Gou teases new mix for upcoming 'DJ-Kicks' feature

Last week South-Korean DJ and producer Peggy Gou released DJ-Kicks EP via !7K as a preamble for her upcoming guest mix on the legendary mix series, DJ-Kicks. The first ever DJ-Kicks release was September 4, 1995. Peggy will be the 69th (nice) release. She joins a stacked roster that features esteemed artists such as Maceo Plex, Nina Kravitz, DJ Koze, Soul Clap, Jackmaster, and Kerri Chandler.

DJ-Kicks EP is a quirky 3-track sampler that boasts three very different styles: electronica with a touch of Korean flavour, melodic techno, and deep house. If this is any indication of how cool and wide-ranging her DJ-Kicks mix will be, we’re in for a treat.

The first track, “Hungboo” is actually the first track Peggy ever produced. If there are any other Gou diehards out there, you’ll remember her discussing this track during her Boiler Room lecture. She started producing in early 2014, and talks about how much she’s learned about production technique since relocating to Berlin. She plays the original version of the track, then plays the most recent version that’s found on this EP to show the difference in the quality of her production.

“I did not have any MIDI keyboards, I did not have any synthesizers, I did not have any drum machines,” Peggy says. “So I made this track with only my headphones and the samples from YouTube.”

Pretty cool.

Hiver, an Italian duo, delivers “Pert”–a mesmerizing number with elements of melodic techno that fits perfectly with Peggy’s style. Sitting at seven minutes in length, “Pert” is a DJ-friendly cut that could blend really well with various genres.

“Cassette Jam 1993” from I:Cube begins with out-of-this-world vocals that talk about colonizing other planets by sending a box of fertilized human eggs with a expert biologist to take care of them. “From this one small box of human eggs, a whole city could be populated.” Weird? Yes. Are we into it? Absolutely. #Mars2020. While it includes both cosmic and bird sounds, it’s an ambient deep house number that’s a little different than what you would normally expect to hear from Peggy; looks like she has a few tricks up her sleeve for her DJ-Kicks mix.

Peggy Gou’s DJ-Kicks mix drops on June 28 @ http://www.dj-kicks.com/

Buy DJ-Kicks EP here.

Watch the Boiler Room lecture below.

Connect with Peggy Gou: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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