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Ciaran Lavery turns a self-reflexive phrase in "Selene" [Premiere]

Ciaran Lavery is joining the teeming amount of Irish songwriters with an uncanny ability to turn a phrase. In the Northen Irish multi-instrumentalist's latest single, "Selene," he sets aside his often-used guitar for a gentle piano. 

The languid instrumentation in "Selene" plays with Lavery's gravelly vocal. He is sentimental but honest. It's a beautiful portrayal of a man dealing with growing up and into his own skin. Lavery has had a long time to think about who he is and how he interacts with his music, and he's no longer apologizing for it. Of the track, Lavery says: "This is an insight into the current path I am on, giving myself the freedom to be the schmuck/the asshole/the clown/the butt of the joke without throwing my own heart or someone else’s under the bus for the sake of honest writing.  I am getting closer to the centre of things, of myself & sharing that for all to see, rather than playing the tired charade of the one-dimensional sad guy with a guitar who wants kudos for airing his relationship failures in public & it being coined as 'bravery.'"

Connect with Ciaran Lavery: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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