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It's easy to feel like "You're Incredible" whenever Goldroom and Mereki team up

L.A songwriter and producer Josh Legg, better known as Goldroom, has hit the ground running in 2019. His most recent endeavor includes teaming up with R.A.C to launch Minerva Music, the first label to distribute all of its music on the blockchain. Along with his annual High Seas tour (a concert series set aboard luxury yachts in cities across the continent), he also recently announced the addition of High Seas Festival, taking place in San Francisco and New York. But let's not forget what started it all- the music. Having already released four new tracks this year, he follows up with the hazy "You're Incredible", written alongside longtime collaborator Mereki

Jagged chords set a playful tone to this track, with a percussive beat slowly building up to the climactic chorus. Mereki's sun-kissed vocals drip like honey over the dreamlike production, keeping it light and airy. While the opening composition remains unmoved throughout the song, Goldroom flourishes it with eclectic sound effects and new wave synths. It's a song that builds up around you without you ever noticing, with its delicate tendrils reaching for your ears. Goldroom explains that "'You're Incredible' was written and recorded outside in the yard of my parent's house in Massachusetts." Describing his and Mereki's collaboration, he expands, "The sun was baking our instruments and our motivation. The result is the haziest love song I can imagine. We kept lowering and lowering the tempo until it felt like the instrumental loop melted into the ground. We knew it was right then." 

Without any indication of stopping anytime soon, Goldroom has proven time and again that while love for music may come in many forms, there is nothing barring you from exploring them all. 

You can purchase tickets for Goldroom's upcoming shows here.

Jun 22 - Dover, DE - North Hub Beach Club at Firefly Music Festival 
Jul 13 - San Francisco, CA - High Seas Festival West
Jul 14 - San Francisco, CA - High Seas Festival West
Aug 04 - San Diego, CA - High Seas Tour
Aug 18 - Vancouver, BC - High Seas Tour
Aug 24 - New York, NY - High Seas Festival East
Aug 31 - Chicago, IL - High Seas Tour

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