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cln explores a newfound electro R&B sound with latest single "Fade to Grey"

Australian artist cln has been strategically building anticipation for his debut album by releasing a handful of dreamy singles like ‘What I Know’, ‘Own Skin’ and ‘Waiting For You.’ Now, the promising young act delivers yet another single, "Fade to Grey," making the wait that much harder.

Throughout his catalog, cln has mastered chill electronic beats, that shine with their ambiance and moving chord progressions. However, as of recently, he found himself feeling confined by the thought that his music had to fit inside of one particular box. In realizing these feelings cln decided to erase any preconceived notions of what his music should be, and freed himself to create whatever he felt in that moment.  And thus his next single was born.

"Fade To Grey" delves into the realms of electronic/R&B that showcases the wide range that sits within cln's production skill set. Delicate pads pulse along crisp hi-hats and an impactful snare, to perfectly compliment the haunting topline, delivered by cln himself. After not missing a beat on these lead singles, there's no doubt that his album will follow in suit.

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Downtempo · Electronic


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