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NEMI lets loose in the video for "Can't Get Through To You"

Since NEMI's EP You dropped in April, her artistry continues to expand across the globe, with her alt-pop beats garnering fans throughout the lands. Now, NEMI shares the visuals for her quirky "Can't Get Through To You", which EARMILK first described as a "pop masterpiece".

The video sees NEMI, sided by a group of friends, let loose for an afternoon and live in the moments of youthful bliss. Yet, the underlying narrative sees NEMI express the frustrations of communication mix ups, whether that's within friendships, relationships with partners or just with yourself. 

"This song came to me at a time where I was feeling particularly out of control," Nemi explains. "If you’ve ever experienced anxiety in any way, you’ll know that it can be one of the most tormenting fuckeries of emotions. Even if you’ve only experienced it in a single second of your life, you’ll know exactly how displeasurable it can be. The heart thumping, mind fucking, helplessness. And no matter how much you try to rationalise your thoughts, it all completely eradicates any attempts at 'positive' thinking."

"BUT all the while, be sure that you can find comfort in the fact that we’re all a mess, and none of us have a bloody clue as to what this thing called life is all about. Give it your best go... that’s all."

With her exquisite taste in pop music, NEMI counts the likes of Kate Bush, Madonna and Blondie among her inspiration. And with her Gen Z pop front, NEMI is set for a career of serotonin producing releases. 

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