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The world needs more "Sweet Love" with The Bambi Kills

Dark-pop sister duo The Bambi Kills are sharing a happy moment on their new single "Sweet Love".

Their debut self titled EP came out last year, which drew from an underbelly of grunge angst and muddled in a slow electro cocktail. A year on since its release, the pair have found a simpler joy. Stripping back to an acoustic guitar, "Sweet Love" is delightfully bare bones. Featured instead are Elly Velinsky and Vanessa Morfea's honeyed vocal harmonies. Soaring, sweet, and so in sync they are as sisters and songwriters.

Reminiscent of a glittery sway-dance at a 1950's prom night, "Sweet Love" is the outfit's most upbeat song yet. Singer Velinsky says, "It’s about that feeling of happiness, the euphoria that overcomes you, even for a split a second for whatever reason."

But like all good things, it must come to an end. As if a clock struck midnight, the song eventually slips into an echoing menace. By the end, we're left with a fond memory and a mystery of what's to come.

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