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Manu Dia produces glitchy electronica on "Kids In America"

Spanish producer Manu Dia shares his explorative new single "Kids In America" from his debut EP Surface. The track encapsulates a vibrant summery sound with glitchy electronics, navigating a stunning piece of euphoria.

With embellished synths and glimmering beats, "Kids In America" is the first taste of what's to come from this incredibly talented producer. Mixing pop sequences with lustrous soundscapes, Manu Dia crafts eccentric tunes perfect for nostalgic emotions. Layering almost whispered vocals on to a bed of electronic intricacies, the track elevates the feelings of youth and draws on past times to create music idyllic for the present.

"It's a song about being young and embracing the experiences of your youth," says Manu. "Something that will make you feel like you are on a perpetual sunset ride home." Or a perpetual ride into purely blissful solace.

It's peaceful, yet a jungle of sweet hypnotic sounds. Manu Dia's exploration of noise has proven to be a journey worth taking notice of. 

Manu Dia's debut EP Surface is out now.

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