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Taska Black dives into summer with "Backwards Love" featuring TRACE

"Backwards Love" is an alluring ode to shifting love, a breathy proclamation of self-worth and is the latest offering from Antwerp-producer Taska Black. Featuring indie-pop songstress TRACE, the bitbird release sees Taska Black explore the depths of his production with new sonic expositions, stepping outside his comfort zone for a refreshing and uplifting number.

"When I was in the studio, I remember wanting to write something about someone not deserving my love," TRACE shares. "I wrote this with a fellow writer, Solly, and we kind of were tossing words back and forth about the feelings I was going through and when we came up with the phrase 'Backwards Love', it kind of just jumped out that we could flip the words ironically around and it still make incredible sense. It’s about feeling off about someone, when you want to feel on. It’s about getting what you give, and if you don’t give it right, you can’t and won't get it right. There’s a sense of proclaiming self-worth in "Backwards Love" that is super important for me to share with both men and women. I hope that the message of the song itself is an anthem people can start believing in."

Built around a soothing guitar-laced production and a melody swept with soft effervescence, "Backwards Love" is truly anthemic in its message. Exuding careful, husky confidence, TRACE launches Taska's production into a lush soundscape that is unapologetically vibrant. Abundant with 808 hooks, the track rushes at listeners with a sense of euphoria, energizing them with heartfelt lyricism. 

Stream/buy "Backwards Love" here.


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