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The only "Potion's" you need are with SLANDER and Said The Sky [Music Video]

SLANDER immediately comes to mind when thinking of delivering a selection of genres including trap and dubstep, but their new single "Potions" proves that everyone is susceptible to a little summertime sadness. The duo teamed up with Colorado native Said The Sky and indie folk singer and songwriter JT Roach to deliver a melodic single portraying a heartbreaking story of love and loss. 

SLANDER gives us the potion to heal even the toughest losses with wistful melodies and a soulful vocal performance which is apparent throughout the single. Recently releasing a powerful video to portray a story of how easy it is for a person to fall in love, but yet so hard to let them go.  This one is guaranteed to give you goosebumps and take you right to the feels . The power duo have been teasing their fan base about the release of this single for some time now on social media and live sets such as their recent performance at Ultra Music Festival. With this release, SLANDER aligns their unique production style with a common thread of sophisticated soundscapes, intense emotion, and ferocious energy. 

Be on the look out for their The Alchemy Tour with NGHTMRESeven Lions, and The Glitch Mob which hits North America this fall. 

Connect with SLANDER: Facebook | Instagram | TwitterSoundCloud

Connect with Said The Sky: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud



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