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Ian Munro occupies a 'Liminal' space in new EP

Following on from the outstanding single "Again, Again," New Zealand producer Ian Munro returns with a powerful statement. Munro has released his hazy new EP, Liminal, out now via Quality Goods Records.

"Palimpsest" immediately constructs a vibrant soundscape, demonstrating the magnitude and maturity of this project right from the start. The track serves as an elegant introduction as atmospheric croons glide over Munro's agile beats. Following up, "Murmur" features Munro's own enveloping, pitched vox and pairs it with distorted yet lush synths. Written, produced and sung entirely by Munro, the track fully demonstrates his well-rounded production skills and insane talent. 

The next single "Rush" is awash with gorgeous piano chords and ethereal vocals from Still Haze. Laden with fuzzy sub-bass and warped shards of melody, the nostalgic track is drenched in vivid daydreams. On the other hand, "Without Me," co-produced by the trap titan UZ and features Somber, showcases a more contemporary side of the project -  atop the thick backdrop of cascading 808s and progressive synths is a searching tune overlaid with a haunting flow. Wrapping the whole EP up is the precursor single "Again, Again."

The EP is an honest reflection and self-quest. Munro reflects that "this whole process has been about getting back in touch with my intentions as an artist." Feeling lost, the producer decided to let music help with self-growth, "A huge part of this project was in the pursuit of catharsis: a blind stab in the dark for something more - something tangible. You can fake it to try and play the game for a while, but that eats you up and spits you out hollow. This EP is, in a way, my way of making sense of it all. Making sense of my place in the world — both musically and personally. I guess the concept of liminality really goes hand in hand with this," Munro explains.

Munro also released an accompanying video to showcase the concept of liminality in his mind.

Stream/buy the record here.

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