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Reggie & Chuks steal the show on "Heist" [Video]

2019 will likely be regarded as the year of UK-based hip-hop, with Little Sims and Slowthai both making strong claims at the title of best hip-hop album of the year with their latest releases. Irish drill artists Reggie and Chuks are looking to keep the UK hot streak alive with their latest release, “Heist.”

The video premiered on Mixtape Madness and got its name from the clothing line that supplied the rappers with their garb for the visuals. In typical drill music video fashion, the video features everyone and their moms (mums if we're speaking proper™ english).

Reggie, a former member of the 090 Collective and a pioneer of Irish drill, sets the pace with a tongue-twisting, drawn-out chorus that sets the scene for the hard-hitting track. Chuks cuts into the heavy production with a couple of witty punchlines to give the track some more colour (literally, by making reference to Fiona and Shrek). The occasional verses of wit add a nice level of juxtaposition between the lyrics and the production of the track. The video, lyrics, and production have the talents of all of those involved on full display. If Reggie and Chuks can keep up this level of quality, it won't be long before they're both on everyone's radar.

Connect with Reggie: Twitter

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