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Electro pop duo 0171 are luminescent in the glow of their "Red Light"

There has been a fair amount of commentary lately on our generation's dependency on technology and its effect on our inability to connect. But none as stirring as electro pop duo 0171's performance of "Red Light", their latest single highlighting the need to record a relationship, rather than to simply live in it. 

Awash with longing synths and hushed vocals, "Red Light" weaves through moments of urgency right before taking a deep breath again to deliver a hauntingly moving melody. It's a careful act, balancing a melancholic production with veiled positive affirmations. The visuals take on the retro theme of the song, offering glimpses into the life of a couple through the lenses of the camcorders they live through. The intertwined vocals crooning "Ooh, we're superstars" allude to the insatiable need to create a persona for your relationship that can be revered from far away. Speaking on the track and video, Joe Bedell-Brill and Georgie Hoare (who make up 0171) note that, "people can feel anxious about the lack of privacy in the modern world. In 'Red Light' we flipped that round to imagine a couple who are excited by the idea that the world is watching them and their love." Continuing, they share: "we thought about how the act of filming experiences makes those experiences feel realer for many people these days. Everyone is a star in their videos.”

This track is released in tandem with 0171's debut EP, also titled Red Light. It's a searing short story about the connections we make, and the vulnerabilities we try to hide. A poignant debut, it paints a dark but honest picture of love in the modern landscape. Even more impressively, it paints a picture of the silent but potent power of this Hackney-based duo, paving the way for an earnest and successful future. 

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