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Missing Words comes to peace with his past “Moment to Moment”

Synth-wave artist Missing Words releases new visuals for his exhilarating and effervescent single “Moment to Moment”.  The track features bright, punchy synths, rich guitar tones and pithy percussion. Detailing an intense mixture of feelings ranging from loss, conquering fears, love, depression and change, Missing Words reveals the value in uncovering inner peace.

The video opens with a guy asleep tightly clutching a photo as the viewer is transported into his dream. Traveling through the woods he spots the girl from the photo, dead roses in her hand. He follows her, but she pays little attention to him, scattering rose pedals as she goes. A ghost of what once was, he must learn to let go of his haunting past and come to terms with the fact he’s not getting her back.

The process of recording "Moment To Moment" involved multiple recording sessions and late nights spent in James Meays’ (aka Missing Words) studio. John Kunkel of The New Division fame provided extra production as well as Israel Medina. The result is a vibrantly colorful synth-infused textural single with glistening soundscapes.  

"Moment to Moment" is the title single off of Missing Word's deeply personal nine-track upcoming album. Missing Words is known for leading the listener down a path of self-reflection in hopes to achieve harmony within. Watch the new video and prepared to be enlightened. 

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