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Slim Guerilla channels the OG Houston scene in "Play on Playa" [Video]

Underground rap icon Slim Guerilla releases nostalgic '90s Houston hip-hop scene visuals for single"Play on Playa" off his latest mixtape, Passion Playa Worldwide

The third coast vibe is all over "Play on Playa", Genshin’s 90’s R&B sample works dynamically with Slim’s glossy delivery. The video also as a throwback mood utilizing edits from an old cam recorder. Slim Guerilla is an old soul with a fresh sense of originality.

The Houston rapper has a versatile history within the underground internet rap scene. He first appeared as an extended member of infamous rap group Raider Klan, founded by frontman Spaceghostpurp and also propelled member Denzel Curry to mainstream recognization.

With too many members to count, the collective disbanded and most members started their own movements. Slim Guerilla was one of those members. Along with producer Genshin, they formed the rap group Passion Playas.

The Passion Playas’ sounds set them apart from most rap acts. Songs like "Passion Anthem", "Money Calls", and "8 Ball Shirt" has 90’s OG Houston rap influences as well as upbeat old school funk and R&B; "Play on Playa" is no different.

Listen to Passion Playa Worldwide


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