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Bedroom-pop artist Lev Snowe seeks solace on “In A Few”

Winnipeg-based dream-pop artist Lev Snowe returns with “In A Few,” his first single of 2019. The Canadian bedroom musician focuses on songs that travel with tranquility while finding the peace that surrounds the chaos. This is our first taste of Snowe’s forthcoming EP, Someday Soon, out this July.

Influenced by the likes of Cocteau Twins with sonic traces of Homeshake also to be found here, Snowe is clearly capable of crafting his own distinctive resonance. “In A Few” is sonically equipped with all the components for dream-pop perfection. Drifting through its musings, the wistful yet spiritually uplifting tune finds symmetry on the dance floor or on a drive up the coast. The track sails soothingly on a riverbed of hazy vocals, twinkling guitars, and airy synths. It’s the kind of song that occupies the peripatetic mind as one ruminates through the choices they have to make. “In A Few” serves as the navigator in trying to reach the other side of the side you no longer want to be on.

When describing the track Lev says, "I wrote this song at the height of summer during a new sense of self-professed freedom, but it actually reflects upon a time when I would say 'no' often and let opportunities pass by. The narration follows a mental tug of war between embracing vulnerability and standing back in the crowd."

“In A Few” is the follow-up his 2018 sophomore EP Faded Blue. Prior to that, Snowe shared his debut EP Drifting Off in 2016. He’s set to release his third EP Someday Soon in July.

Connect with Lev Snowe: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud

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