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R&B duo Ar'mon & Trey talk their determination and new single "Just In Case" [Interview]

Brotherly duo Ar'mon & Trey teamed up with Yung Bleu to release their single "Just In Case" earlier this month, but have been at it for years. The R&B singers have used the internet to their advantage unlike any other artists out. In 2014, they began posting covers on Vine and slowly started to accumulate a dedicated fan base. Millions of views later, in 2015 they made the transition to Instagram. Their "Moment 4 Life (mash up)" garnered over 14 million views and proved that Ar'mon & Trey had potential to be more than just social media singers. While showing off their voices on nearly every social media platform, they were putting out hilarious prank videos on YouTube. They found ways to showcase their acting abilities, musical gifts, and dancing skills. By 2018, they had earned over three million YouTube subscribers and well over two million Instagram followers. 

"We’ve always been our own motivators. We’ve always been strong and always like motivated each other and motivated ourselves. We knew it was gon' happen, we just didn’t know when," Trey said of their come up. "We never was doing it just to do it," Ar'mon reiterated.

Ar'mon & Trey saw an angle to attack music and ran with it. It worked.

"Me and my brother, we always had a plan behind everything we did. We always felt like if you don’t have a plan, how are you going to get where you need to be?" Trey said.

They never questioned themselves; this confidence eventually led to the release of their debut EP Long Story Short, which featured anthems like “Bounce That” and one of their personal favorites, “Forever.” This release came just in time for their first tour that saw the duo headline 24 dates across the country. They brought a special energy to each show and confirmed that they are gaining more than just fans online. 

“An Ar’mon & Trey show is fun. It’s lit, we always lit. We come there to give our fans a show,” Trey described over the phone. “I think we definitely learned a lot from being on tour. There was a lot of stuff we didn’t know because that was our first time being on any tour. We didn’t open up for anyone. Our first tour was our own tour, so we was learning through the process but we learned a lot.” 

The growth in their live performance has yet to be put to the test across the nation, but their musical growth is evident on their new single “Just In Case” with Yung Bleu. The track samples 112’s “Cupid” and honestly details a relationship with a girl. It’s a feel-good record that showcases both the singers raw writing style and soulful voices. According to Trey, they’ve been fans of Yung Bleu for a while and “Just In Case” is one of their favorite songs they’ve ever released. 

“When we first came up with the song, we had did the first verse and hook in the studio and we left that night,” Trey explained. “The next day we was listening to it and I was telling my brother, I was like ‘ay bro I could hear Yung Bleu on this song’ and then he was like ‘yeah, you right.’ We hit him in the DM.”

The simplicity of the collaboration process was fitting. Yung Bleu added in a verse that perfectly complements the brothers’ infectious chorus. 

Even with their success to date, Ar’mon and Trey know they have work to do. They’re keeping the same mindset they seem to have always had going into the creation of their upcoming projects. Their uncomplicated approach is refreshing, and their determination seems unstoppable.

“We really just want to create at a very high level, like to our highest potential. I feel like with us doing that we gon’ come up with hits. I just feel like we want to capitalize on what we need to do right now [which I feel like is] putting out good music. In the past, people was not really singing no more, you know it’s like singing rapping. I feel like what we gon’ bring is more so singing. And I feel like we’re getting a good response from doing that so we just gon’ stick to the game plan and just keep on doing what we doing.”

Their dedication to continuing to make incredible music could make Ar'mon & Trey an exciting duo to watch in 2019. They have had an impressive career propelled by both their brilliant usage of the internet and their incredible vocals, but it’s just the beginning for the talented brothers. 

Connect with Ar'mon & Trey: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | armonandtreyent.com 

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