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Ben Pearce celebrates summer disco ahead of new mixes of "Fireproof" [Exclusive]

Ben Pearce made his debut on BMG earlier this spring with the release of "Fireproof."  

The Manchester DJ and producer released the summery deep house track - an impossible seeming description to give to any music in Pearce's underground realm, but cornered since his breakout "What I Might Do" - with a club mix and string of remixes being released again next week. To celebrate the release, Pearce joined us with an impressively mixed set of tunes: nearly an hour of disco and a solid house music history lesson to get ready for warmer months. “The sun keeps trying to come out here in London so I was really stoked to do a summer inspired mix for EARMILK," he says." Certainly my new single Fireproof was inspired by the summer so it’s really exciting to be coming into it now. It’s feel good music and stuff I love to play all through the year but works especially well when you have your shades donned and a cold drink in your hand.”

The mix includes mixing of Floorplan's "Tell You No Lie" among other surprises, along with "Guardians Inferno" from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. With "Fireproof" as the catalyst, this certainly brings his inspiration and what it's like to see Ben Pearce live to new illumination.


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