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Milk & Bone and Alex Lustig 'Dive' into a new collaborative EP

Montreal's luscious electro-pop duo Milk & Bone may have recently won a Juno award for "Best Electronic Album of the Year" for 2018's Deception Bay, but in truth, they were still just getting started. Their newest EP, Dive, is an exploratory journey into the depths of this duo's insatiable talent, honed by none other than Belgian producer Alex Lustig

Bolstered by Lustig's refined production, Milk & Bone's lulling vocals simply glide over every synth like threads of silk. Their lead track "Ride or Die" is punctured by a thumping bass and stirring melodies akin to a lucid dream. "Peaches" opens up like an episode of Stranger Things or Black Mirror with 80's-inspired synths. Every thump of the bass burrows under your skin, causing you to experience the song with your whole body. An invigorating and intoxicating feeling, and perhaps one intentionally made to capture the rebellious nature of "Peaches". 

While the first two tracks boasted of dreamy 80's vibes, the latter two tracks delve deeper into the mind of these three powerhouses. "Vision.Colour." takes on a darker hue, with the production experimenting more with menacing synths. Still giving way to Milk & Bone's sumptuous vocals, it's a delicate balance between the light and the dark, but executed to perfection. The closing track, "Blue Dream" sounds like it could have come off their Deception Bay album, with its emotive, muted production and melancholy narrative. At the 3-minute mark, you can hear Lustig's influence with a climax of sweeping melodies and heart-palpitating percussions. 

Dive has the maturity of a meticulously curated project, but in truth, it simply composed itself. Milk & Bone share that "[it] is somewhat of an unexpected EP. We just wanted to hang with our friend Alex and see if anything could come out of the potential collab. Within four days, we'd written eight songs and four of them felt like they belonged together." 

Unexpected as it may be, it allowed for these three artists to explore each others' sounds and find the spot where they all collide. Dive can command any room, making its four tracks feel like a full-length album. And perhaps someday it will become one. You can catch Milk & Bone on their upcoming summer tour at select Canadian cities by purchasing tickets here

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