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Sangy tries to get himself out of the friend zone on Murkage Dave-assisted "Nice Guy"


Whether or not we'd like to admit it, we've all been the victim of being friend zoned. It's happened to the best of us - we end up getting close to a girl we really like, and the next thing you're being referred to as a good friend. It's a heart breaking moment, one that can leave us reeling for months. But fear not, Manchester don Sangy is here with the perfect tonic for getting yourself out of that friend zone.

"Nice Guy" is the anthem for anyone who's been labelled as a "great person" by the one girl you're into, only for her to tell you she just likes you as a mate. Backed by fellow UK titan Murkage Dave, Sangy raps about meeting a girl who wants to take everything and give nothing. His slick flow and clever lyricism is as sharp as his wit, and the hook sang by Dave fits the track perfectly.

The pair shot the video in Blackpool, once a hotbed of holidaymakers during the summer months, but has seen a sharp decline over the years. This aesthetic adds to the gloomy outlook Sangy shares about relationships and dating.

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