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ARTBAT remixes Monolink's "Return to Oz"

Monolink has recently released a darker remix of "Return to Oz" by the Ukranian duo, ARTBAT. First debuted at ARTBAT's impressive Cercle set in March 2019 on Sugarloaf Mountain, the track has been released months later. 

The work features eight minutes of inventive melodic techno elements, resembling a Tale of Us-esque sound. The darker production of the drum and bass helps differentiate the rework from Monolink's original creation. The mix develops a handful of powerful synthy build ups, which assist in spotlighting the vocals and dividing the overall work. Both ARTBAT and Monolink will be touring extensively across the globe throughout the summer. 

Connect with ARTBAT: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram  

Connect with Monolink: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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