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Johnny Utah's "Honeypie" video will sweeten up your week

Last month Johnny Utah (no, not Keanu Reeves' kickass character in Point Break) released his light-hearted single "Honeypie" and captured the hearts of many. We swooned at his falsetto and sang along to the cutesy verses. And now, we have an adorable music video to go with it. 

Johnny Utah, a.k.a. 23-year-old Philly-born Jacob Sullenger, has been writing, recording, producing, and mixing for years. He's been gaining a cult-like following since 2017 and after releasing a series of EP’s and singles. Always varying in style and mood, he still finds a way of retaining the same lo-fi pop sound and lovable lyrics. 

This is Johnny Utah's first official visual of 2019. It's a summery story of love and quite the literal interpretation of Johnny chasing an apple pie around town. He runs, skates, and bikes after it, longing for even one little bite. But what really makes us melt is his smirky smile and quirky dance moves weaved in and out of this great pie chase. 

What's next for Johnny Utah isn't exactly clear, but we have many questions. Can we expect an LP in the near future? When and where is the tour? What is clear for sure is that we definitely want a slice of what he's baking. 

Connect with Johnny Utah: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud

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