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GoldLink offers up summer anthem with "Zulu Screams" [Video]

GoldLink is the perpetual up-and-comer while simultaneously being the vet. The 26-year-old DC artist was nominated for a Grammy in 2017 for his rendition of "Crew" and saw nothing but praise from mainstream audiences for the otherwise-unknown artist. However, the monumental nomination came and went, and GoldLink remains the rising star. With every passing release, Link seems to be reaching a new ceiling, finding a new sound, and grabbing new listeners.

"Zulu Screams" is GoldLink's newest summer anthem that pushes the energetic notes of Nigerian artist Maleek Berry into hyper drive, and also features tender notes from Def Jam songstress Bibi Bourelly.


The song runs in double time essentially; in 3 minutes of music, GoldLink squeezes bars together like a lyrical gymnast. He throws together rhyme schemes as if he's never encountered a tongue twister that's bested him. The song provides another display of talent behind the smorgasbord of sounds he's mastered over the years. The lyrics—as well as the delivery—are the ultimate flex. While all of this is going on, GoldLink and Maleek Berry also link up to create a catchy hook that listeners can croon to their neighbours on a warm summer day.

The song and video are both bursting at the seams with steamy energy. It really feels like a boiling pot of culture; there's dashes of Afro pop, R&B, and hip-hop all stirred into the spicy dish. The upbeat tempo of the song keeps perfectly in tune with the raising temperatures and the opening of patios. If this song doesn't scream summer for you, then you probably live in a cave in Nunavut.

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