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Calboy releases new visuals for "Unjudge Me" feat. Moneybagg Yo [Video]

The 18-year-old Chicago based rapper Calboy has dropped the official video for his new track “Unjudge Me” featuring Moneybagg Yo.

The track was produced by Zillasuper who provided a piano-like melody while still maintaining a heavy base signature to many hip hop tracks. The music video features both rappers in Memphis, Tennesse, which is also Moneybagg Yo's hometown. Although both Calboy and Moneyagg Yo are iced out and driving in luxury cars throughout the video, there are several visuals that reflect the realities of growing up in rougher areas in Memphis. But what stands out most on  “Unjudge Me” is how honest both Calboy and Moneybagg Yo are when they reveal the realities of their past struggles and their journey to success. Calboy kicks of the first verse reflecting on his experiences.

[Verse 1: Calboy]

I remember days of livin' broke

I remember sleepin' on the floor

Tell my brothers ain't no losin' hope

All my friends are dead and they old

What you need? I ain't trippin', bitch, I got it

We might catch 'em slippin', then it's tragic

Reach up to the stars, got a habit

We was six deep on a mattress

On the ten-speed, that was traffic

Now I got a Lambo tint, speedin'

On the second verse, Moneybagg Yo also discusses his low points in life from financial issues to even suicidal thoughts.

[Verse 2: Moneybagg Yo]

I been broke to the point

I don't even wan' breathe no more (I was at my lowest)

Stealin' out the store, sleeping' on my cousin floor (Remember)

Now I'm up, it feel like everybody give a fuck (Since when)

I was lookin' for some love, but I ain't get enough (Back then)

They don't wanna see me win (Nope),

Calboy is widely known for his hit single “Envy Me” that has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify. His newest collaboration with Moneybagg Yo  “Unjudge Me” equally gives fans insight into the rappers’ lives. “UnJudge Me” is said to be on Calboy’s next project titled Wildflower which will also be including features from several notable rappers in the industry such as Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and Yo Gotti. Overall, both Calboy and Moneybagg Yo did something great with “Unjudge Me” and we should keep an eye out to see what else the rappers have in store for us this year.

Calboy's upcoming project Wildflower is expected to drop soon

Connect with Calboy: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Moneybagg Yo: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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